Pride Flags - 2023 Volkshotel
In collaboration with GARYWELT

Gary/Gerdien van Halteren (garywelt) & Iris van Wees recently moved in together; sharing a studio in de Broedplaats of Volkshotel.

While talking about previous projects, Iris saw a thread in her work; the premises or themes of the projects she intuitively chose, came to fruition one or two years afterwards. Themes like coming-out, or burn-out; both themes that Gary could also relate to.

So they decided to use this collaboration as some sort of manifestation of a colourful, bright and uplifting queer future. This resulted in the abstract queer utopia depicted on 6 large flags which are currently embellishing the windows of Werkplaats. This utopia is a vibrant place in which toughness and softness can coexist, as shown in the materials used. A place where there is equal space for celebration as there is for healing. A place where we can laugh, cry, kiss, dance and relax.